About Us

Datatank is a privately-owned SME specialising in developing intelligent data and fraud investigation solutions.

Formed over 10 years ago, Datatank has continued to improve its service and software offering and develop new and innovative ways to maximise fraud detection within local governments.

Developed in partnership with Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Tenancy Fraud Investigators in 2013, Opus was originally created for the purpose of managing fraud referrals for Tenancy Fraud.

Since 2013, Opus case management system has rapidly grown to become an advanced case management solution. It is designed to suit a vast range of public sector organisations such as government tax & benefits agencies, local authorities, law enforcement, court systems, and regulatory and investigative bodies.

Opus is specifically designed to give the ability to share information across multiple departments and organisations. It is customisable to suit the user's specific needs and requirements to manage cases including referrals.