Anti-Social Behaviour

Managing an ASB case can be time consuming and it is vital that all authorities involved have access to information to assist in processing the case.

  • Opus will :

    Support those working in your neighbourhoods to tackle anti-social behaviour by taking the pain out of managing the case.

    Provide a powerful and efficient searching function, customisable functionality and the flexibility to adapt the configuration to ever changing requirements.

    Provide a survey facility to obtain feedback from those affected by the incident.

    Support new legislation changes as they evolve.

    Will give you membership to an active user group, meeting to discuss the development of the product and share experiences on our Opus forums.

  • Identify emerging trends, support a safe neighbourhood and record and monitor actions and measures taken to tackle anti-social behaviour.

    Opus gives you the ability to make faster and more informed decisions about how to target resources.

  • Information and intelligence sharing between partner agencies, such as the Police, allows you to look after the people in your community.

    Dynamic reporting for accurate business intelligence

    Standardisation of reporting across agencies with NSIR (National Standard for Incident Recording) case definitions

    Categorise case complaints in line with industry best practice

    Record, analyse and streamline customer satisfaction, communication and correspondence.

  • Alerts associated with individuals are displayed within the case ensuring staff are protected and vulnerable tenants are identified.

    Opus enables the people working in your neighbourhoods to monitor and record any incidents, actions and interventions in a controlled way. It also allows them to see what measures have been taken to combat anti-social behaviour, support the victims and where appropriate, perpetrators.