Council Tax Fraud

With increasing financial pressures on local authorities, it is vital that Council Tax discounts and exemptions are applied only where there is genuine need and Council Tax Reduction Schemes assessments are based on genuine entitlement. When reductions are in doubt, Opus case management system will fully support your fraud investigation process.

  • Opus gives you effective case management allowing you to manage all types of Council Tax fraud.

    Single Person Discounts

    Council Tax Reductions

    Empty Properties

    Discount and Exemptions

    Living Together Fraud

  • Opus case management can be used within a single department, or collaboratively across multiple departments and other organisations to manage corporate wide fraud cases.

  • You can configure the system to your organisation's way of working. Activities are aligned to your organisation's policies and procedures, allowing you to share information and concentrate on working to combat fraud.

    Record cost of investigations

    Create relevant action plans

    Allocate resources, schedule activities and assign actions

    Consistency and efficiency of case progression

    Ensure availability of resources

    Identify emerging trends

    Evaluate effectiveness of investigations and actions

    Ensure accuracy and maintenance of up-to-date records

  • Fraud investigator teams can manage correspondence and evidence, escalation and enforcement, whilst having complete electronic filing throughout the case progress.

  • Share information and intelligence with Dashboards to assess team performance.

    Produce reports on fraud outcomes, overdue activities, cases resulting in prosecution and the number of referrals received, plus much more.