Opus Customisation

Opus Case Management allows you to build the corporate case management tool you want. Your system administrators can customise Opus to suit the way your fraud team works.

It can be configured to match your organisational structure and support the many individual roles and responsibilities of your case workers, investigators and managers. Its inbuilt flexibility means you set-up your own case type templates and create the workflow to manage cases in accordance with your compliance procedures and organisations needs.

  • Customisable Features
  • Many aspects of Opus can be customised including case types. At present, the following features can be customised by your system administrator:
  • Add custom fields to any record
  • Create customised page layouts
  • Create record types
  • Customise and create new data entry pick lists

The list of customisable features grows with each new release.

But if you can't wait, you can get a head start by adapting one of our pre-customised modules based on industry best practice.