Product Maintenance & Upgrades

New versions of the Opus software will be made available from time to time. Opus is a Software-as-a-Service product and the latest version of the software will be released to all Opus users at the same time.

An update may comprise a new feature, new function, software fix and/or removal of deprecated functionality.

  • Release Type




  • Major Release

    New and/or major changes to application functionality or architecture.

    Typically twice per year.

    3 months notice.

  • Minor Release

    Minor feature upgrades, bug fixes, security updates, and installation of application patches.

    Typically every quarter.

    1 month notice.

  • Hot Fix

    Urgent need to address such issues as a security vulnerability, system or application stability or other functional issue.

    As required.

    Within 1 business day.

  • Datatank's change management policy and processes, together with its change review and approval, software build, test and rollout of changes in the production environments are designed to improve quality of product and minimise service interruption.

    In very rare instances it may be necessary to roll back a release to the previous software version.

  • Opus allows certain aspects of the software to be customised.

    Minor and Hot Fix Releases will have no impact on any end user customisations.

    A Major Release may impact user customisations if a function or feature is materially changed, or existing functionality is deprecated and removed.