Tenancy Fraud

Tenancy fraud is now recognised as the second largest area of annual fraud loss in English Government. Valued at £845 million it is an important focus for local authorities and housing associations.

  • Developed in collaboration with fraud managers, compliance and case management officers and investigators; Opus can be implemented for any size and type of investigation team, office or department.

  • You can personalise Opus to suit the way you work or you can get a head start by adapting one of our pre-customised modules based on industry best practice.

  • Use Dashboards to assess team performance – e.g. number of cases, case progress and outcomes, work queues and overdue actives, etc.

    Case Managers can manage investigator workloads, prioritise cases, review case progress, monitor team and individual performance and produce management reports.

    Share information across multiple agencies.

  • Cases are held and managed electronically.

    Day-to-day functions such as recording notes, generating letters and documents, importing images, audio recordings and evidential pictures can be easily performed.

  • Any action taken on a case is fully date/time and user audit trailed.

    Automatic prompts are provided to officers about when and what action needs to be taken.

  • Datatank can provide tenancy fraud detection and 'smart' referrals for your staff to investigate.